Profile Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen

As a Jazz singer I'm known as Isa. My husband, CEO of LE KLINT Kim W. Jensen, always intoduces me as Isa because we met while I was performing. My birth name is Dawn Whyte hence: Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen.

Of course I am living in beautful Denmark with my wonderful husband, my fabulous dog Snee and Denmark's lovely weather that is similar to my beloved birthplace London.

I have been working at LE KLINT for more than 11 years now, starting at the shop in Copenhagen and now as Creative Manager at the head offices in Odense.

The first time I experienced the beautiful Scandinavian Christmas traditions I fell in love with them immediately and was inspired to interpret the beautiful paper heart into a subtle emphasis on how the love of design could be utilized, to extend a helping hand to those in need.

I felt confident that my humanitarian spirit and appreciation of good design were winning combinations that would resonate with like-minded people and together we could do some good. I am constantly searching for ideas for new designs for you.